Forever Young

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     Each year the Coast Young Professional organization asks the community to nominate individuals along the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the “Forever Young Award”. This year, our very own Paige Riley was a recipient!
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       Forever Young candidates are defined as ‘persons of professional integrity who exemplify the spirit of service to their professions and who have, by their leadership, made a significant contribution to the advancement of a Coast Young Professionals Member’s career’. Anyone who knows Paige, knows this description matches her perfectly.
     Paige is extremely passionate about her work and truly loves what she does. This is evident each and every time you visit Hillyer House. Every customer that comes to the shop is treated like Gold…She has definitely mastered teaching the value of customer service to her staff, which is priceless in this day and age.
     On top of that, she is always looking to help a young person, or anyone for that matter, find their place in the community as well as helping them find a job path that leads to a career that they will enjoy. She puts so much heart and soul into her store, and if you have ever walked into Hillyer House, you will see first hand! She has been and continues to be a mentor to so many young people and a huge advocate for building our young professionals here on the MS Gulf Coast.
     “I have worked closely under Paige for a year now as Manager at Hillyer House and I have seen that mentoring young people is something she is very passionate about. Paige truly believes in all young people and sees talent waiting to be tapped in everyone. Paige cares deeply about our community and is always looking for ways for us to be involved!”
~Susannah Snyder, Manager of Hillyer House
     Thank you, Paige for being such a great mentor to the young people in our community! Congratulations to Paige and all the other recipients of this years Forever Young Award!
IMG_1595For more information on the CYP and the Forever Young recipients, please visit their website: