Ansel Beck Pottery


Ansel Beck creates ceramics inspired by English, Japanese, and American pottery. Ansel’s goal is to create work that is both tactile and visually interesting. Making work that is meant for daily use.

Ansel’s collection is inspired by the colors of the sunsets, the ocean and the redwood forest.

Sugar & Creamer Set with Tray ~ The perfect addition to any kitchen! Approximately 10″x6″x5″

Oil Cruet ~ The perfect pouring bottle to hold your favorite Olive Oils or Vinegar. Sold individually. Approximately 4″x4″x9″

Berry Bowl ~ Keep you fresh fruit out and ready to eat in this bowl with small holes to drain any water. It also includes a round tray to catch water on the bottom. Approximately 7″x7″x4″

Deep Bowl  ~ The perfect large and deep bowl for serving your guests. Approximately 13″x13″x7″

Butter Dish ~ A fun take on your classic butter dish with a rounded, handled lid. Approximately 7.5″x7.5″x6″

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Ansel Beck’s aim is to create functional art with a recognizable style. Through a consistent process of throwing and altering the form each piece has its own unique characteristics. Creating surface texture using slip and a combination of brushing, pouring, and spraying glazes each piece comes out of the kiln with subtle differences yet still obtaining the same style.