Bottle Benders


Bottle Benders is a family run company in Toccoa, Georgia, that sets itself apart by using recycled glass bottles as their main material.  The bottles are vibrantly colored and are anchored by pieces of natural driftwood.  Coming in a variety of color combinations and sizes, there is sure to be a combination that works for you or a loved one.  Sit on the back porch with a cold drink in hand and listen to the soothing sounds of your chime blowing in the wind.

Chimes can withstand 15 mph winds. 

Natural Beauty ~ Earth tones make this chime a knockout, and when accented with the deep cobalt blue bottles, cool ocean breezes and warm summer nights are brought to mind.  22″ long.

Coral Reef ~ The cool tones in this piece will bring peace of mind and tranquility after a long day at work.  17″ long.=

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Bottle Benders is located in Toccoa, Georgia and is a family run operation.  The three sisters, Roxy, Jean, and Donna, along with their parents, Ted and Jean, make all of the chimes by hand from recycled glass.  The glass they use is recycled from bottles that are cut into rings and then melted down in a high-fire kiln.  Because the glass used is the thickness of a wine bottle, the chimes are very durable and can withstand winds up to 15 mph!