Connie Mickle ~ Crab Collection


Connie Mickle‘s hand crafted pieces have had a home in the shop for over 20 years.  Every piece of her pottery is uniquely shaped and sculpted by hand, then finished with one of her signature ornamental creatures.  The Crab blends shades of blue & green.  In the shop we love to mix these pieces with Flambeaux, Biff Bourne (Jade Blue or Seafoam), Fire & Light Aqua, and Annie Glass.  We’re constantly looking for other ways to showcase these fabulous pieces!

Each piece is created by hand and therefore slight variations will occur with each piece.  If you have concerns about specifics related to your selection please let us know when placing your order & we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Gumbo Bowl ~ Far & away the best selling piece from her collection!  Whether you incorporate these into your dinnerware, or start your collection with just one perfect (for you) bowl to use on your holiday table, these are a must have for any lover of pottery.  5.5″ x 5.5″ x 2.5″

Large Serving Bowl ~ Fabulous enough to leave out year round…whether serving as a fruit bowl or a catchall for keys, mail and cell phones, you’ll love collecting anything in this bowl.  12″ x 12″ x 3-4″

Small Drape ~ We never run out of suggestions for this piece…a few favorites: keys, cell phones, soap, sponge, goat cheese torte & business cards.  What will be perfect for you?   6-9″ x 4-8″

Cracker Tray ~ The perfect piece for setting out a beautiful row of crackers to accompany your cheeseboard! Approx 17″ x 6″ (each piece varies)

Cheese Board ~ These cheese boards are more beautiful than most! Dress up any small bite on it. Approx 12″ x 9″ (each piece varies)

Chip & Dip ~ One of our favorite wedding gifts to give! This platter has a raised bowl connected to it. Serving made easy! Approx 20″ x13″ (each piece varies)

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Connie Mickle is a native of the Gulf Coast and is greatly influenced by the coastal waters and their contents.  Her work is functional as well as decorative.  Connie sculpts the intricate pieces by hand and then adds them to her wheel thrown and slab pottery.  She mixes all of her glazes and clay, then fires in gas and electric kilns to very high temperatures.

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