Eileen Morrison Designs ~ Gold


Eileen Morrison‘s Gold collection will make drinking any beverage even more fun!  After she applies gold leaf to the vessels, they are then sealed with a clear glaze, making them functional works of art.  Each piece is unique, making them fun to collect and display.

All Purpose Wine ~ With a globe that fits comfortably in the hand and is ideal for a glass of Cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc.  9.25″, 20 ounces

Red Wine Tumbler ~ The sleek form and stemless design make this glass perfect for a casual setting and a full bodied Pinot.  4.5″, 18 ounces

Rocks Glass ~ Even men love an elegant glass!  Pour a little scotch on the rocks and sip slowly.  3.5″, 12 ounces

Champagne Flute ~ Toast the night away.  9.25″, 8 ounces

Decanter ~ Pour in a bottle of your favorite vintage and let the notes develop.

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Eileen Morrison surrounds herself in gold, copper, and silver leaf!  Originally from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, she has lived in Mobile, Alabama for the past eight years.  Eileen graduated from the University of South Alabama with a BFA in art history and a minor in painting.  She continued her studies at Spring Hill College, receiving an MLA with a concentration in arts administration.  In November of 2011 Eileen began applying gold leaf to beautifully shaped wine glasses and she hasn’t looked back since.

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