Hilborn Pottery ~ White Glaze


Hilborn Pottery marries artistic expression with everyday practicality and the result is a gallery of pieces that are the perfect accompaniment to any personal collection.   The icing on the cake is the serving utensil that comes with each piece.

Simply White, is just that. The food is the star of the show every time in these serving dishes.

Brie Dish ~ includes Bamboo spoon & a recipe card  7.875″x7.875×1.75

Pistachio Dish ~ you’ll never again be yelled at for tossing the shells back in the bag!  Includes a Rosewood spoon  7.25″x9″x2.75″

Guacamole Bowl ~ includes a Rosewood spoon  5.5″x5.5″x2.875″

Asparagus Dish ~ Personally, I hate asparagus, so I can use this piece for brussel sprouts.  Oh, I forgot I hate them also.  OK, then corn on the cob. I guess it’s versatile as well as functional.  includes Bamboo spoon  13″x5.75″x2.875

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Hilborn Pottery was founded thirty years ago in Canada and is renowned for beautiful designs that capture exceptional form and function.  Specializing in wheel thrown and hand built clay, Hillborn created a myriad of pieces in a vast array of selected patterns that not only allow for collective art but also for the unique presentation of fine food and beverage.

The pottery uses hand painted patterned designs and colorful glazes.  All of the pottery is safe for food and drink as well as microwave, oven and dishwasher proof.