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Thornridge glassware is an example of true artistry and craftsmanship.  Founder Henry Levine strives to combine the functionality of everyday items with the beauty of blown glass.  He succeeds beyond all doubt in his pitcher and glass sets.  Whether you are serving orange juice for Sunday brunch, a pitcher of sangria, or you need a vessel for your wildflower bouquet, this stunning set will be a conversation starter for sure!

Oro ~ This style of glassware combines a deep sunflower yellow with a vibrant teal blue.  When the two come together they swirl around the pieces with a Van Gogh like quality.

Celadon Arch ~ Mixing deep greens, light aqua, and vibrant red, this set is a match made in heaven for practically any décor.  The arches circling the pieces add an architectural quality and the bold lines make this a timeless collectible.

Caribbean Sea ~ With a jungle green base and accents of aqua, chartreuse, and cobalt, this is the perfect pattern for a lover of the sea.  The loose waves around the pieces are reminiscent of the tide washing the shore.

Pitcher measures 4.75″ at mouth, 9″ wide (with handle) and 8.5″ in height.  Holds 78 ounces.

Glass measures 5.5″ in height and holds 16 ounces.



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Thornridge founder Henry Levine was born and raised in Bethesda, MD where he has designed and created vessels since he started classes at Glen Echo pottery in 1973. During school at Walt Whitman High, Henry would skip out of his algebra II classes to work in the ceramics lab. After receiving a B.A. in economics and English at The University of Rochester, he worked at a bank for a couple of years, found it very dry and longed for a creative outlet. So, in 1984, Henry returned to school to fulfill his dream of becoming a production potter.

At Alfred University, he got bit by the glass bug and did not make any clay pots. Instead, he attended classes in ceramic sculpture, glass blowing and neon art. After graduating from Alfred, Henry worked as a neon technician at Vacuform Industries for one year before buying Quality Neon Products. As a neon manufacturer, Henry employed fifteen people and wholesaled neon lights to large sign companies who shipped his products nationwide. Henry owned and operated the neon shop for ten years before moving to southeast Ohio and opening Thorn Ridge Studios in 1999.

Henry is married, has three children, and lives on a beautiful farm in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. His continued mission is to provide well-designed vessels that are functional, beautiful and affordable.