Pewter Graphics ~ Red Wine Glass


Maurice’s Pewter Graphics glass collection has been part of the Hillyer House since it was created in 1985.  These pieces are still made in the Gulfport, Mississippi shop maintained by Maurice and are a favorite of locals and tourists alike!

Red Wine Glass ~ Pour yourself a big glass of cabernet, put your feet up, and relax, because you deserve it! 8.125″ tall, 15 ounces


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Pewter Graphics Inc. by Maurice Milleur, began in 1985. It stemmed from Maurice’s interest in how to make a sterling silver trim to cover the base of a chipped antique vase he owned. A local pewter smith suggested he try pewter instead of sterling and this was Maurice’s introduction to working with pewter. Living in the south, there is an abundance of anole (chameleons) in the gardens and this “Lizzy” was a fascination as Maurice was from Belgium where they did not have such critters. His first successful pewter creation was the making of his “Lizzy”. He taught himself wax carving, mold making, and pewter casting and then the opportunity came to purchase the casting equipment. The hobby became a business in 1985 when he began to make corporate logo’s in pewter on glassware for businesses, and the name “Pewter Graphics” was created. From this he turned to creating designs that were of local interest and heritage and incorporated his business in 1994 as Pewter Graphics Inc.