Rolf Glass ~ School of Fish


Rolf glassware found a home in Hillyer House 5 years ago and has very quickly become a favorite of customers and staff!  Whether you’re from the coast or want a reminder of your visit, the School of Fish collection is a fabulous way to keep a little piece of the Gulf Coast with you always.  Each glass has one fish that is going against the flow, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for him….

Double Old Fashioned: substantial enough to warrant an aged bourbon or a classic scotch, these are the perfect cocktail glass!  4.125″ tall, 14oz

Cooler: a classic drinking glass!  6.125″ tall, 15oz

All-Purpose Wine:bottle of white? bottle of red? perhaps a bottle of rose’ instead?….’  9″tall, 18oz

Red Wine Balloon:  this classic shape will highlight the best notes of your favorite bottle of red.  7.88″ tall, 18oz

All Purpose Wine Tumbler: the perfect tumbler for your favorite whites or reds. 4.5″ tall, 17oz,

Pilsner:  these glasses will elevate the status of any beer…and beer drinker!  8.87″ tall, 16oz

Champagne Flute:  you won’t even need an excuse to toast with these fabulous flutes in your home.  8.87″ tall, 5.75oz

Carafe: whether you’re letting a ’98 Silver Oak breathe, or dressing up your bottle of Crane Lake, this is perfect for the dinner table!  10.5″ tall, 48o

Martini: whether shaken, or stirred, this is a perfect choice.  7.25″ tall

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Rolf Glass was founded in 1981 by Rolf Poeting after emigrating from Germany. The third generation in his family to sell glass-manufacturing equipment, Rolf decided to break the mold and create his own glass design company. Thus, Rolf Glass was born and has been creating unique glassware ever since.

Rolf headquartered his company in Mount Pleasant, a small town renowned for its glass industry. Each piece of Rolf Glass is engraved in the historic Mount Pleasant Glass Center, the former Lenox Crystal factory.

Every piece of Rolf Glass is part of a long, storied history of Western Pennsylvania glassmaking. The location of the manufacturing plant is a symbol of Rolf Glass’s dedication to keeping the glass industry thriving in Western Pennsylvania and America.