Biff Bourne ~ Seafoam Green


Biff Bourne‘s pottery has been part of our gallery for over 2 decades.  His timeless shapes, and practical design make his collections very popular for everyday use.

The Seafoam Glaze is a fabulous neutral!  The glaze displays the natural progression from the simplest & purest linen shade, to a rich artichoke.  Each piece blends matte and gloss finishes to produce pieces that perfectly blend beauty & functionality.

3-Bowl Server ~ a must have in any kitchen, whether used during food prep, or on the table (or both) you’ll wonder how you every made it without this piece.   8.5″x3.375″ (each opening measures approximately 2.5″)

Large Chip & Dip ~ chips & salsa, veggies & fruit, or a shrimp cocktail platter this piece is the perfect excuse to have friends over!  13″x13″x2″

Wine Chiller ~ Keep this piece full of utensils on your counter & snag it for the table when you have company.  5.375″x5.375″x6.75″

Sugar & Creamer ~ the perfect pair.  6.875″ high & 4.375″ high, respectively

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Biff Bourne personally throws each piece of pottery from a white stoneware clay and finishes by hand.  He then uses overlapping glazes and colored oxides to add interest and texture.  The pieces are high fired in a gas kiln making the pottery highly functional and intended to be used everyday by the people who collect it.

All pieces are lead free, microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.