Twist Taper Candles ~ Hudson Glass Studio


Michael Hudson‘s Twist Taper Candles are a beautiful union of fire and glass.  The glass starts gently twisting at the base and as it continues to spiral upwards, the thread of color running throughout becomes more intensified.  A favorite gift in the shop to commemorate weddings and anniversaries, with the twist symbolizing two becoming one.

Measures 6.5″ x 10.875″.

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Michael Hudson  was born June 14, 1977. From a young age, he always had the urge to create. He was introduced to glass in 1999, while attending Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, and in 2003 he received a B.F.A in Art and Design with a specialization in glass. After graduating, Michael moved back home to Louisville, Kentucky, where he helped to start the University of Louisville glass program. In 2007, Michael founded his studio, Hudson Glass where he strives to bring nature and design elements together in creating one of a kind glass objects