Pumpkin Carving with TALLstudio

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Halloween is the one time of year you have a good excuse to wear an awesome costume all day and watch the Adams Family or Hocus Pocus on repeat. With it being so close, how could we not carve pumpkins?! This year we decided to celebrate with some of our favorites at TALLstudio… we all love Mark and Madison, they make such beautiful work and are so fun to be around!


Courtney Farms has the perfect pumpkins, so we went earlier in the day and grabbed two of the best pumpkins we could find (it was hard though, so many good choices!) We even bought some light blue pumpkins there for the shop!

When we got to TALLstudio, we immediately turned on a playlist and dug into the pumpkins. Cutting out the top and pulling out the guts was easy, but the carving was the tricky part.


We decided to do our signature mermaid, while Mark and Madison chose a cool city skyline that would go around the whole pumpkin. Both were tricky, the mermaid having such fine lines in such a small space and the skyline needing enough support between the buildings to hold up the top of the pumpkin. It was fun to see how everyone tackled the project; Mark even brought out a drill to make a night sky over their cityscape!


In the end, both turned out really well, and everyone had a good time laughing about things and just hanging around together. Halloween isn’t just a great time to dress up in silly costumes and eat your weight in candy; it’s great time to enjoy friends and family with all of the traditions a holiday brings.