Quick Fix: Sangria

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Sometimes getting a party put together is hard when you’re pressed for time. We relish time spent with friends during get-togethers filled with food, fun, and great drinks; no one should be stressed about making the perfect evening. This Sangria recipe is as breezy and easy as we approach Fall evenings, and is simple to adapt to whatever’s in the pantry or looks good at the market – just flavor to your taste. It comes together quickly and easily and is perfect for a party.



-1 bottle white wine
-2 cans regular Fresca


-Fruit: Berries and/or citrus (Leave out the grapefruit to avoid a bitter aftertaste)
-Liquor: Malibu, Chambord, Limoncello, etc.
-Fruit juices: Cranberry, pomegranate, pineapple, etc.
-Herbs or spices: Mint leaves, Basil leaves, cinnamon, etc.

Combine wine, Fresca, and any optional ingredients in pitcher. Cool in fridge. Serve over ice with fruit pieces or slices for garnish.


Some of our favorite combinations:
-Riesling, Fresca, strawberries, lime slices, and a few shots of Malibu coconut-flavored Rum
-Sauvignon Blanc, Fresca, pear slices, a sprig of fresh Rosemary, and 2 shots of Chambord raspberry liquor
-Chardonnay, Fresca Black Cherry, orange slices, muddled bing cherries, a pinch of cinnamon, and a few splashes of cranberry juice

Making a drink like this isn’t a science; have fun with it! Figure out what you like best and make the perfect Sangria for you! We really love how pretty ours looks in the Rolf Glasses and Decanter.

So get out there and make something fun with your friends! Do you have any favorite quick recipes you love? Or do you have a personal favorite quick drink recipe? Let us know in the comments!