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Dear friends,

Welcome to our new blog! I am so excited to share a little more of Hillyer House fun with you in the convenience of your home. Can’t wait to bring you everything from name cards for your table to proper place settings.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Paige Riley and I am a third generation owner running one of the top ten galleries in the country. We feature the work of over 400 artists, and love what we get to do everyday. Everyone here is like family, and feel the same way about the friends who step through our doorway throughout the week. Our story started in 1970, 6 months after Hurricane Camille. My great Aunt Nellie opened the store in her living room; and when I opened in my living room after Hurricane Katrina, it felt like a full circle. The store has gone through so much growth after these past ten years, and we are so proud of the community that has shown so much love and support to one another. Although every city on the coast is beautifully different, each one shares love for the community and the arts.

Here at Hillyer House, we want to thank all the wonderful customers we’ve had for the past 45 years; you’ve been a big part of our lives and we hope that we’ve been a big part of yours too. We are so lucky to have all the great artists and friends that we do. It’s amazing what can happen in almost 50 years, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.

We look forward to bringing you new things soon and hope that we can see you soon!